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Muscle Shoals Sound Studio Welcomes Dan Auerbach!

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The iconic building at 3614 Jackson Highway in Sheffield, Alabama is once again filled with music. This week in March 2017 marked the first official session at the original Muscle Shoals Sound Studio since its most notable occupants moved to a huge new facility in 1978.

Auerback with the rythm section listening…

Dan Auerbach, singer and guitarist for The Black Keys and talented producer in his own right, spent nearly an entire week tracking with members of the original MSS rhythm section and members of the Memphis Boys rhythm section. The hits recorded by these musicians are too many to list here. I would encourage a Google search if you’re not familiar with these folks.

The session proceeded like many classic sessions.  The players would gather around and listen to a simple guitar/vocal demo of the next song to record.  Once pianist Bobby Wood had the chart written, the entire rhythm section played together and worked up the arrangement.

David Hood plays bass in the same spot from 1969!

David Hood plays bass in the same spot as 1969.

New parts were often suggested by the musicians, who have come up with hundreds of recognizable licks during their careers.  Some songs went down easier than others, but all turned out great.  More than a dozen “sides” were tracked.

The studio was filled with classic instruments of a wide variety, many brought by Auerbach and his team.  Tracking was done through the studio’s classic API console once owned by RCA Studio B and Chet Atkins, and later producer Dave Cobb.

FunkWerkes LLC is proud to have installed the studio wiring and equipment at this legendary studio.  Enjoy this look around the session!


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